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Historical Documents

The Magna Carta
U. S. Constitution
Monroe Doctrine
Gettysburg Address
Truman Doctrine


Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
John F. Kennedy
James Madison

Editorial Cartoons

A.F. Branco
Bell Cartoons Network
Carol Simpson
C.D. Norman
Pete Wagner
Politically Correct
Rictoons Cartoons
Twisted Puzzles


American Presidents
Election Results
Inaugural Addresses
American History


Guest Commentary



I elected to entitle this page The Reference Room because of the images it conjures up in my mind.  I always thought it would be great to have a cozy room where I could retreat to think and read.  In my imagination, this room would have a plush carpet, lots of windows, cherry paneling and a fireplace.  Of course, indirect lighting would provide a comfortable effect when I was not reading.  A few leather easy chairs with reading lamps strategically placed would complete the picture.   Needless to say, that room is still a resident of  my imagination.

In any event, sit back and pretend that you have joined me in my Reference Room.   Make yourself comfortable in one of those easy chairs and listen to the crackle coming from the fireplace as you browse through the links to a large number of resources related to politics and government that can be found on the bookshelves of the web.

The American Presidents bookshelf contains a catalog of links to several hundred sites pertaining to our presidents.  Of course, many of those sites will, in turn, lead you to many other sites.

This bookshelf is devoted to American Women In Politics. Women fought a long, hard battle (one that should not have been necessary in the first place) to participate in the political process.  Now,  all they need to do is win the fight to gain political equality!

The Historical Documents section is far from all inclusive.  However, you can read The Magna Carta, The Fugitive Slave Law, The Atlantic Charter and many other documents that significantly affected history.

For more than two hundred years, many have tried to anticipate the contents of presidential Inaugural Addresses.   Many have signaled the birth of important policies while others brought on an inclination to nap.  Read them here.

Political Parties play a crucial role in elections.  This is true even when the sponsored candidates loose their bids for election.  Want to know who they are?  What they support or do not support?  Take a look at their sites.

Not all former presidents have Presidential Libraries.   However, you can access the sites of those who do from this shelf.  Visit the Hoover, Bush, Eisenhower or   Kennedy libraries.   I assure you that your visit will be interesting.

Did you ever want to know who ran against whom in a presidential election and how the vote went?  Check this section of the bookshelf for Presidential Election Results from Washington to our most controversial campaign.

Any course in American history or Political Science includes a segment on Federalism.   You won't find it a popular subject for small talk, but it was important during the formative stages of our political development and continues to be controversial today.

This portion of the Reference Room pertains to American History in general.  Its intent is to provide links to educational resources for young and old alike.  I hope you will find these links helpful.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how many Political Associations exist in this country?   Believe me, they are in great abundance.  If you think they are of little political importance, think again.   Many are extremely influential in determining the course of legislation that affects us all.

Have you taken a look at your State Constitution lately?  States are arranged according to date of admission.