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Historical Documents

The Magna Carta
U. S. Constitution
Monroe Doctrine
Gettysburg Address
Truman Doctrine


Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
John F. Kennedy
James Madison

Editorial Cartoons

A.F. Branco
Bell Cartoons Network
Carol Simpson
C.D. Norman
Pete Wagner
Politically Correct
Rictoons Cartoons
Twisted Puzzles


American Presidents
Election Results
Inaugural Addresses
American History


Guest Commentary


Over the years, editorial cartoons have become a favorite of mine.  I remember seeing them in the Sunday paper as a kid.  I did not always understand them at the time, but I often found them amusing.

Editorial cartoons have been an important contribution to the world of journalism for centuries.  I have often admired the skill and content of earlier artists found in the budding publications of Europe (especially England).  I wish that I had some examples to place on this page.  As an aside, if anyone has any that they can send me, I would be happy to include them on this page.  Of course, that assumes I will not be sued for doing so.

A good cartoonist can capture the essence of an event with eloquence.  For that matter, there have been times when I have found an editorial cartoon accompanying an editorial on the same subject.  The cartoonist made a more poignant statement than the editorial did.

Previously, a number of  editorial cartoonists have granted me permission to showcase a few examples of their work.  These have included The Carol Simpson Home Page, Politically Correct, Creative Chaos and HallToons.  As always, I appreciate your support.

I am very happy to announce that additional cartoonists have also agreed to allow me to feature some of their work.  They are: A. F. Branco's Political Cartoons, Bell Cartoons Network, C. D. Norman's Fabulous Picture Page, Political Cartoons by Pete Wagner, Rictoons Cartoons and Quest of the Unquietmind.  I thank all of you for contributing to this page.  You are all very gracious and talented people.

I urge you to take a look at the examples of their work found here.  If you like what you see, then select the link to their home page to view more.  If you happen to be an editorial cartoonist and would like me to include examples of your work as well, please send me a note with your URL.

I have long entertained the idea of also adding editorial cartoons with historical significance.  Toward that end, I have collected several hundred images.  Where possible, I have contacted those who I believe can grant or withhold permission for me to feature examples of various works.  I never received a reply from any of my inquiries.  Obviously, I do not wish to violate copyright laws and therefore have refrained from including examples of historical cartoons here.  Ant thoughts on the subject would be appreciated.