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Barbara Cubin


Bill Summary and Status for the 105th Congress Cong. Contributions Rep. Barbara Cubin
ACLU Voting Record for Rep. Barbara Cubin Cubin Opposed to Name Change for Devils Tower
Congress Limits Presidentís Power To Declare National Monuments Cubin Votes to Cut Taxes & Protect Medicare
League of Conservation Voters: 1996 National Environmental Scorecard On Wyoming Grazing Privileges by Congresswoman Barbara Cubin
Performance Evaluations by Special Interest Groups Biographical Data and Political Experience
Voting Record Sampler Representative Barbara Cubin
Congresswoman Barbara Cubin Biographical Information Voting Record on Personal-Finance Issues
Sources of Campaign Funding GOP Moves to Rein in its Rebels
Biography of Congresswoman Barbara Cubin Rep. Cubin Sponsors H.J. Res. 54
Cubin Advances R-I-K Proposal